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Ilica Hot Springs

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Ilica Hot Springs; 15 km from Erzurum. It is located in the west of Aziziye district center. These hot springs, which were built by the Seljuks and called Çermik, Oluklu, Zincirli, were repaired several times during the Ottoman and Republican periods. Finally, the hot springs were completely renovated by Aziziye Municipality and Ilıca Thermal Facilities were put into service. Facilities include indoor and outdoor restaurants, prayer rooms, resting and meeting rooms, and open parking lot. The hotel section within the facility consists of 36 rooms and 5 suites. Providing health services to guests with doctors and physiotherapists in the facilities, health centers, physical therapy and healing departments; In addition, it is planned to offer mud, skin care, massage alternatives, spa and various cures and therapies with expert therapists. 


The temperature of the sodium and bicarbonate spring water is 39 °C. The water of the spa; It is used in the treatment of many diseases, especially stomach, intestine, liver, gall bladder, nutritional disorders and rheumatism.