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Three cupolas

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The Three Cupolas are among the best examples of the mausoleum in Anatolia. It is thought that the largest of the three cupolas belonged to Emir Saltuk and was built at the end of the 12th century. While it is not known who the other cupolas belong to, it is estimated that they were built in the 14th century.


There are different opinions about what the small square-shaped structure next to the cupolas is. It is stated that this is a cupola or a mosque. The three domes were repaired by the Ministry of Education in 1956.

The Emir Saltuk Cupola is made of cut stone. It has an octagonal body, a high rim, and is covered with a flat cone that is a mixture of a dome and a conical top. There are animal reliefs such as bulls, snakes, bats and eagles on the triangular pediments, round arches and pulley niches of the cupola, which is made of two-color cut stone. These reliefs resemble the zodiac figures in the Central Asian Turkish calendars. The human head engraving among the bull horns in one of the niches draws attention. There are double windows on each of the eight facades of Emir Saltuk Cupola. On the eaves of the entrance door in the north direction of the cupola, geometric ornaments and flower and animal figures are seen.
Çeviri kaydetmek için çok uzun قسمت پایین گنبد دوم که در جنوب شرقی قبه امیر سالتوک قرار دارد دارای پلان مربع و دوازده نما است. این گنبد از سنگ خاکستری ساخته شده است. یک پنجره کوچک در بالا و سه پنجره بزرگ تزئین شده در پایین دارد. پنجره نمای جنوبی این گنبد نیز ظاهر محراب دارد. گنبد سوم که 4 متر با گنبد دوم فاصله دارد از سنگ کیک محلی ساخته شده است. گنبد سوم دارای دوازده نما و چهار پنجره است. گنبدی که در ضلع شمالی آن یک در ورودی دارد، محرابی به زیبایی تزئین شده است. روی لبه مخروط مخروطی که گنبد را می پوشاند تزئیناتی شبیه به کوپه امیر سالتوک وجود دارد.