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Erzurum Ulu Mosque; It was built in 1179 by the Saltuk Emir Nasreddin Aslan Mehmet. It is also called "Atabey Mosque" because of the name "Atabey" of the Saltuks. The upper cover of the building was built perpendicular to the mihrab wall. It consists of a wide middle nave and three naves on each side, with a total of seven naves. The mosque, which is seated on twenty-eight free “L”, “T” and rectangular shaped pillars, measures 51 x 54 meters. Forty pillars, sixteen of which are adjacent to the walls, carry the top cover in the place of worship.

Мечеть, которая использовалась как продовольственный склад во времена правления султана Мурата IV, ремонтировалась пять раз в разные даты. Губернатор Эрзурума Хусейн-паша отремонтировал мечеть в 1639 году и Али Эфенди в 1826 году, после чего в 1858 и 1860 годах был проведен ремонт. В последний раз мечеть была отремонтирована Главным управлением фондов в период с 1957 по 1964 год.

There are 40 columns in total inside the mosque. There is an altarpiece on both sides of the first door in the east, and the repair inscription made in 1860 is also located here. The mihrab wall in the first construction of the mosque was covered with a large pendentive dome resting on slightly pointed arches. This dome, called the "Swallow Dome", built in the form of a thrust, is thought to belong to the first state of the structure. On the right side of the mosque, there is a single minaret with a round body made of bricks. The minaret can be reached from inside the mosque. Above the glory has been demolished. The mosque, which is illuminated with 28 windows, has a repair inscription dated 1826 on the second window in the south. It is thought that this dome, which was built in the form of a thrust, called the "Swallow Dome", belongs to the first state of the structure.