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Narman Fairy Chimneys

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Drawing attention with its red color and interesting landforms, the Narman Fairy Chimneys are also called the "Red Fairy Land". Narman Fairy Chimneys, known as red fairy chimneys, are located in the south of Narman District, on the 7th kilometer of the Narman-Pasinler highway. Wind and rain eroding the sandy soil created this interesting landscape of red fairy chimneys and narrow valleys. These geological formations are seen only in this region in the Eastern Anatolia Region. Surrounded by Oltu, Şenkaya, Sarıkamış, Horasan, Pasinler and Tortum districts, Narman District is located in the northeast of Erzurum and 90 kilometers from the city center.


The valley, where the fairy chimneys are located, draws attention with its similarity to the Colorado Canyon in America. While various festivals are organized in the summer months to protect the Narman Fairy Chimneys and bring them into the country's tourism, the interest of local and foreign tourists to the region is increasing with each passing year. Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia and Fairy Chimneys in Narman differ from each other in terms of their formation. Fairy chimneys in Cappadocia were formed as a result of volcanism, while those in Narman were formed 2.5-3 million years ago as a result of the erosion of materials carried by streams to a sedimentation basin. The reason why the Red Fairy Chimneys take on this color is the oxidation of the red color iron in the sediments in the form of Fe2O3.